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 A lot of us seem to lose sight of what the holidays really mean to us.我们中很多人似乎忘记了节日的真正含义。

To me the holidays are about spending time with family, reflecting on what the past year has brought and what the new year has in store.对我而言,节日就是和家人一起度过,追忆逝去的时光以及期盼即将到来的日子。
If you haven’t sent out your Christmas cards, made the Christmas pudding or even decorated your house yet (I haven’t), relax, that’s not what this is about.如果你还没来得及寄圣诞贺卡、做圣诞布丁甚至是装扮你的房屋,冷静下来,这并不是节日的所有。
If you are feeling rather ill prepared for this holiday season there are still things you can do to pull it together and have a happy one.如果你感觉自己对这个节日准备得不够好,那么你还可以通过一些事情来补救,享受一个欢乐假日。
1. Christmas party. Host an open house instead. Send an email or pick up the phone and call those people you wish to see over the holidays. Invite them to your house one day either this weekend or next and have a bit of a visit. Keep it informal and low key. Set aside a few hours in the afternoon (say 1pm-5pm) and make sure people know they can just come and go according to what time works best for them. Keep it simple. No one will care that you don’t have a 10 cheese platter with 12 types of crackers. Set out some baked goods, appetizers, tea, coffee, juice, water and you’re good to go.
2. Baking. If you normally bake enough to fill your freezer twice over but have yet to fire up the oven, don’t panic. No one will think any less of you for buying your baked goods this year. As far as I know no one is handing out prizes for being the perfect little baker. If you still want to make a few goodies, try cheating when you can. Buy pre-made tart shells, cake mixes or frozen pastries. If you are still hung up on making things from scratch how about a compromise? Make things from scratch that are quick and easy and buy the rest. A favorite in my family is peanut butter marshmallow cake (minus the walnuts from this recipe). It’s super easy and takes no time at all. I know it’s not real baking but it’s close. 
3. Christmas cards. By now it may be a little late to mail Christmas cards, unless you really don’t mind people receiving them after Christmas. A better idea is to hand deliver cards to those you’ll see at parties, dinners or other get togethers. If you are hosting an open house in the next weekend or two why not hand them out as your guests leave? If you’re anything like me you’ll agonize over what to write in the cards. You want to write the perfect holiday message. Well, when was the last time you received a card and thought, “hmmm well they could have put in a bit more effort”? Likely never. So don’t get hung up on what to say keep it short, to the point and mean it. The following (and slight variations of it) always works for me:
From our family to yours we wish you a very happy holiday and all the best in the new year.
4. Decorations. If you have yet to decorate there is still time for that as well. If you don’t have the time to do everything you usually do each year, rest assured that less is usually more when it comes to decorating for the holidays. Just because you have the decorations doesn’t mean they need to be out. Pick and choose which decorations you love and put them in a place to best show them off. If you’re still looking for a craft to do in time for the holidays, consider doing what we did. Find some glass or plastic balls (enough for everyone in your family). Using a metallic marker write your name across the front and the year on the back. Draw a simple tree or snowflake and you’re done. We’re using these as name tags on our dinner table and afterwards everyone can take theirs home to hang on their tree. Easy!
5. Christmas dinner. Okay this is a biggie for some people. If you cringe at the thought of spending the entire day of Christmas in the kitchen cooking and cleaning I have a few suggestions for you to consider.
Make ahead. If I’m hosting Christmas dinner I try and get as much of the work done ahead of time. This includes making the mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, preparing the vegetables (wash and cut), and also setting the table and cleaning the house. Doing as much as you can before the actual day, will make for a much more enjoyable 25th.
Make it a potluck. If you are running short on time or have a committed yourself to a lot of activities ask others to bring something for the dinner. Coleslaw, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, dinner rolls, salad, pies and whipped cream for dessert. People will be honored to help out and it will lighten your load considerably.
6. Cleaning. With all the coming and going, dinners and parties I hear you thinking “I’ll never have time to clean the house before everyone gets here”. Again, don’t panic. Focus on one room at a time and do a thorough clean a few days before. Gather up items that don’t belong and return them to where they do. Fill a tub with warm soapy water and use a soft cloth to wipe down surfaces and nick-nacks to remove any of the dust. If you are having people over on short notice focus on areas that they will most likely be looking at. Kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, and family room are good places to start. Don’t become obsessed with it though. 
打扫卫生:人们来来去去,又是晚餐又是聚会,我知道你在想“我没时间在大家来之前打扫好房子。” 还是那句老话,别慌张。一次只打扫一间屋子,然后在几天前来个大扫除。整理好乱扔的东西把它们放回原处。装一桶温肥皂水,拿一块柔软的布彻底擦拭表面和小物件上的灰尘。如果你马上有人来拜访,那么注意他们目光停留最多的地方。可以先从厨房、洗手间、客厅、餐厅、家庭活动室这些地方开始。但别被这件事所困扰。

 You may have heard of the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, or the gathering of sun worshipers to celebrate the summer solstice at Britain's Stonehenge, but Europe has plenty of other less famous but equally unusual festivals. Some date back many centuries, but others have more recent origins. Although certain festivals reflect serious local traditions and seem odd to Americans, others are just plain nuts to everyone. We've found a few to tickle your fancy and introduce you to some lesser-known cultural eccentricities of our European friends.你可能听说过西班牙潘普洛纳城的奔牛节,或是太阳崇拜者为庆夏至而聚集前往英国的巨石阵,但在欧洲,还有很多其他节日, 虽不是那么有名, 但却同样众不同。=有些节日要追溯到好几个世纪前,但也有一些源于近代。尽管某些鲜为人知的节日是与当地传统相关的,美洲人会觉得古怪, 但其他那些实在是太平淡无奇了。这里我们搜罗了一些节日,在激发你想象力的同时,也让你了解一下我们欧洲朋友们那些少为人知的奇特文化吧。

La Fête du Cochon/La Pourcailhade, Trie-sur-Baïse, France: To enter the Pig-Squealing Championship at the annual Festival of the Pig, you'd best rehearse your pig shrieks now; locals have been practicing for years. Townsfolk here celebrate the pig in many forms: as noisy squealers, as competitors in pig races, as men in pig costumes and, of course, as pork, ham and sausage. 
Carnaval de Granville, Granville, France: Carnaval in this Normandy town began in the 1500s as a way to bid adieu to fishermen launching their boats. Its 138th celebration has morphed into a Mardi Gras with cocktails, balls, parades, extravagant costumes, intricate floats and so much flying paper in the Battle of Confetti that it can be hard to see the floats. 
法国-格兰维尔狂欢节:诺曼底格兰维尔镇的狂欢节始于16世纪,最初只是一种跟即将出海的渔夫们告别的方式。第138届庆祝活动将它变成了Mardi Gras狂欢日):鸡尾酒、舞会、游行、奢华的礼服、精美的花车以及飞舞的五彩纸屑让人都难以看清花车的模样。
Sandsation, Berlin: Maybe the intricate artworks created from 2,200 tons of sand for the Sand Sculpture Festival wouldn't seem so quirky if they weren't in landlocked Berlin, about 100 miles from the beach. 
Romería Vikinga-Viking Festival, Catoira, Spain: Locals dressed as Viking warriors re-create a 1,000-year-old battle by invading this Galician village in far northwestern Spain. During the simulated battle to take Torres del Oeste, an 11th century castle, Vikings and defenders alike get soaked in wine.
西班牙-维京海盗节:当地人打扮成维京海盗,入侵西班牙远西北部加利西亚自治区的村镇,重现1000年前的战斗场景。在这场争夺十一世纪Torres del este城堡的模拟战斗中,海盗和守卫者们都开怀畅饮,酩酊大醉。

 1. Katir tha Maem

This phrase is a literal translation of ‘Festival of Lights’ or ‘Chanukkah’ into Wardwesân, the language of the fictional civilization of the Wards. Like the Ancient Hebrews, the Wards formed a monotheistic culture, and their own revolts, legends, and religious writings are collected in Frédéric Werst’s recent anthology titled Ward.
这个词语的直译是‘光之节’,或者Ward语(传说中Ward人的语言)‘Chanukkah’。Ward人,和古犹太人一样,相信一神论。Ward人的神话,历史和宗教著作被收集在Frédéric Werst最近以Ward命名的文集中。
Of course, the Wards knew nothing of the Maccabean Revolt or rededication of the Second Temple, and they had no term for the Jewish holiday, but the vocabulary and grammar of Wardwesân allows us to construct one. Even Channukah comes from a language that is partially constructed: The form Chanukkah (as opposed to Hanukkah) is preferred in Modern Hebrew, a language that has been revitalized to fortify Jewish and Israeli identity, and reinforced with new vocabulary to make it suitable for modern life.
 2. Ele
The basic item el from J. R. R. Tolkien’s Elvish languages means ‘star’ and it underlies compound forms like Elbereth ‘star queen,’ the name of one of the principal divinities of Tolkien’s mythology, and Elerrina ‘star-crowned,’ the name of the mountain—tallest in the Blessed Realm—where she lives. It is also the base of ele ‘behold,’ which is what Elves exclaimed when they first saw stars. Behold! figures in other stories with important stars, as when the angel of the Lord said unto the shepherds, “Fear not! For, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.” Looking to the heavens for truth and inspiration crosses cultures—both real and fictional—and transcends their differences.
前缀el来源于矮人语‘星星’。矮人语“星星”可以组成词组“星星女皇”,指矮人族神话中最重要的神,也可以组成词组“星星凤凰”,指在Blessed领地的女巨人。矮人语“星星”可以组成词组“星星注视”,用来表达第一次看到星星的欢喜之情。看啊(星星注视)! 想想所有关于星星的故事,就像天使队牧羊人说:”不要害怕,看着星星,塔会给你不尽的欢乐,就像给所有人的一样。” 俯仰所有文化(现实或虚幻)的真理和灵感,就能看透,进而超越他们的不同点。
3. Roj
The history of yet another supposedly ancient people, the Klingons, is full of war and treachery, even more so than that of the Wards or Israelites. Klingons are culturally harsh and unforgiving, and so is their language. Marc Okrand, who has invented almost all of Klingon, admits to emphasizing hard and guttural sounds (k as in back, ch as in Bach, etc.) in the Klingon repertoire, so that language and culture would fit hand in glove. Still, Klingons welcome peace, if it doesn’t come at the expense of honor, and they have a word—roj—which means both ‘peace’ and ‘make peace.’ This Klingon peace, the peace that isn’t war, isn’t quite the same as the peace in “Let There Be Peace on Earth,” but it’s headed in the right direction. If Klingons value any kind of peace, then we can hope in the face of cynicism.
我们来看看另一支传说中古老的民族,克林贡。克林贡的历史充满了动荡不平,有甚于Ward与以色列。克林贡人的文化严厉而不轻恕,和他们的语言一样。Marc Okrand创造了大部分克林贡语,并为克林贡语加入了大量生硬的喉音,比如说k,ch等。如此一来,语言和文化便相容了。但是,克林贡人希望和平,如果在保持尊严的条件下。他们有这样一个单词'roy',意思是‘和平’与‘创造和平’。这种克林贡人的和平,当然不指战争,却也非我们通常意义的和平。但至少这种和平是克林贡的希望之光。 If Klingons value any kind of peace, then we can hope in the face of cynicism. (对不起,翻不来)
4. Espero
Ludwig Lazarus Zamenhof, who invented Esperanto, the most successful of international auxiliary languages, came from 19th-century Poland, when it was a hotbed of ethnic hostility. Zamenhof attributed the hostility to “the diversity of languages,” which seemed to him “the only, or at least the primary force which divides the human family into enemy parts.” He longed for nothing more than that people would live in peace, and he believed they needed a common language to do so—so he invented one, which he called “Lingvo Internacia.” He presented it to the public in 1887 under the pseudonym Doktor Esperanto—in Esperanto, esperanto means ‘one who hopes,’ and it was soon adopted as the name of the language. Zamenhof’s idealism (which many have mocked) partakes of the holiday spirit—the spirit of espero, meaning ‘hope.’
Ludwig Lazarus Zamenhof创造了世界语 Esperanto,是最为成功的人造语之一。Ludwig生活于19世纪的波兰。此时的波兰正是民族仇恨的大火炉。Ludwig认为这种民族仇恨,源于语言的不同。甚而,Ludwig认为语言的不同是为所有民族仇恨的主要原因。但使天下充满和平,唯有创造世界语。他创造的世界语原名为“Lingvo Internacia”,于1887年问世。由于他当时使用 Doktor Esperanto为笔名。故而此世界语又叫Esperanto。在Esperanto语中,Esperanto的意思是“怀抱希望的人”,也是一种节日用语。Ludwig的理想颇有节日精神——那就是希望。
 5. Hau ‘oli makaluki hau!
Hawaiian, like Modern Hebrew, is a revitalized language, partly reconstructed to work in the modern world while retaining its cultural value. Hawaiian has already given us a famous holiday phrase: Mele kalikimaka, which means ‘Merry Christmas’ and was popularized in a song written by R. Alex Anderson and famously performed by the likes of Bing Crosby, Jimmy Buffett, and Bette Midler. Mele kalikimaka is just Merry Christmas pronounced in Hawaiian, which lacks r and s. (According to Roy Zimmerman’s song, “Christmas on Mars,” Merry Christmas in Martian ends up as Eenie Kaveenie Klibidavac, so Martian apparently has the same phonetic problem.) Mele Kalikimaki (the phrase, not the song) first appeared in print in 1904, well ahead of Hawaiian language revitalization, but Hau ‘oli makaluki hau! or ‘Happy New Year!’ is part of the invented language.
夏威夷语,和新希伯来语一样,是死而复生的语言。他们的重建都是基于原先的语言和文化,再加上现代的元素。夏威夷语中人尽皆知的节日用语为:Mele kalikimaka。意为圣诞快乐。此语的有名与R. Alex Anderson谱曲, Bing Crosby, Jimmy Buffett, Bette Midler演唱的一首歌不无关系。Mele kalikimaka只是Merry Christmas在夏威夷语中的音译。读成那个鬼样子是因为夏威夷语当中没有r和s的发音。在Roy Zimmerman的歌曲,‘火星的圣诞节’当中,‘Eenie Kaveenie Klibidavac’为火星语‘圣诞快乐’。很显然,火星人也不会发r和s的音。Mele Kalikimaki 这种说法首次书面的出现是在1904。这是在夏威夷语复生之前很久的事了。但oli makaluki hau! (新年快乐)是之后人造的夏威夷语。
However familiar or exotic we may seem to one another—Elves, Klingons, Wards, Esperantists, Hawaiians, Whos, Martians, and the rest of us—our languages are nonetheless included in the thesaurus of holiday goodwill. Happy Holidays!

 Columbus Day

The problem with Columbus Day isn't just Columbus himself (though celebrating him is dicey), or the Italian-Americans who enjoy celebrating one of their cultural heroes. The problem is that not everyone gets today off. You know just what I'm talking about, as you sit in your cubicle reading this because half of the people you need to talk to to get your job done have today off. Schools are out, the government is closed, but your office is open. That means you have to find a place to put the kids all day and listen to people talk about their long weekend plans while you have to work and hope it rains and ruins everyone's free day off. That's quite a legacy to leave, Columbus.
Flag Day
Do we really need a whole day to celebrate our flag? It's great that we have a symbol for our country, but why go out of our way to recognize it in some way? Every other country has a damn flag, it's not like having a flag makes us special. And just look at our flag. It's kind of a design nightmare. It's got all these bars and stripes and different colors and strange angles. As far as flags go, ours is a little cluttered. Maybe every year on Flag Day we should have a design competition to come up with something new? I'd support that.
Father's Day
This is such pandering. It's like Gillette and the American Tie Federation saw how much success Hallmark and 1-800-FLOWERS had with Mother's Day and decided to horn in on the action. Most dads could care less about getting presents or attention or brunch or anything. They probably appreciate that you call them, that's nice. Either that or your father was an asshole who treated you badly and divorced your mother for some new bitch with kids of her own and he doesn't even really talk to you that much anymore. What an asshole! Who needs to be reminded of that?
Groundhog Day
Who the hell even came up with this holiday, and what does it even mean? On February 2, there's this critter in Pennsylvania who comes out of his hole and either sees his shadow and get scared and something happens or he doesn't see his shadow and then nothing happens. No one understands it. Not even the news stations that cover it every year. There are more rules to this than Ultimate Frisbee. It's supposed to make spring come more quickly or something. It doesn't. It's February! We still have two more months of cold. How about giving us "Take a Trip to Florida" day? That's all I really want in February.
Patriot's Day
This is a day that is only celebrated in Massachusetts, our second least worst state, but it doesn't mean they need a whole day off just to themselves. The Patriots, they're good and all, but they're not all that. They haven't won a Super Bowl in six years! Look at Tom Brady these days. He's making more headlines for his hair and loving Uggs and being a prolific babydaddy than he is for making passes and touchdowns. Stop being so cocky, Boston, your team isn't that important.
Arbor Day
A day for the planting and caring of trees? Really? What, have we been hijacked by Greenpeace? Do you have to hug the trees after you plant them? And what good are trees if they won't take care of themselves? You want trees to sit in your yard or on the street or wherever and just grow and be strong and not have to be tended to like some blooming invalid, right? What happens when the GOP finds out about this and tries to shut it down because it's some pro-environmental action? Won't they try to do the same thing to Arbor Day that they did to ACORN? Too many questions!
Talk Like a Pirate Day
Yes, mateys, this is stupid. And if you keep trying to make it happen, you're going to have to walk the plank.
Confederate Memorial Day
Ostensibly this is a day to commemorate all the lives lost by the Confederacy during the Civil War. While people dying in war is always sad, these people were defending, you know, slavery. So, um. Yeah. Remember that.
Casimir Pulaski Day
This is a holiday in March that is celebrated in the Chicago area, mostly by the large Polish population. That's fine, but Pulaski—a Revolutionary War hero—also has a federal holiday in October. I don't want to discount the great things this gentleman did to win our freedom, but does he really need two holidays? I mean, the only other person who gets two holidays is Jesus. Oprah doesn't even have one. Do something about that, Chicago.
Mardi Gras
Alright, Mardi Gras in New Orleans is fine. If you want to go and wade through streets paved in vomit and bad decisions and show off your body parts, be my guest. Actually, be New Orleans' guest. If you want to do it anywhere else, then you're just a drunk who is looking for an excuse to get shitfaced on a Tuesday. How about going to celebrate your first day of sobriety at a meeting instead? Then you'll have a nice, easy to remember anniversary to celebrate every year. If drinking a hurricane on Fat Tuesday means that much to you, then take your tourism dollars down to New Orleans. They'd be happy to take them.





The thankful great universe provides the environment of existence for us and give us sunlight, air, water and everything in keeping with we existence of space, bring storm to let us accept to toughen for us, bring to us mysterious let us look for.


The thankful parents give us the life, make us feel the merriment of the human life, feel the genuine feeling of the human life, feel the comity of the human life, feel happiness of the human life, also feel hardships and pain and sufferings of the human life!


The thankful teacher works with diligence and without fatigue everyday of teach, give us knowledge ability, put on the wing which flies toward the ideal for us.



They also only a small angel, the wing has not fullness. When Mieding disaster fell, the land covered by grief, they used a strong and smiling, shook us.


In more than 10 hours after the quake, one of the North-Manlianshixue boy was rescued from the rubble. In his armed police officers and soldiers prepared to move to safe areas, he can move difficult to hold the right hand, weakness and a standard King team at the Young Pioneers. Stretcher on the little boy he did not forget to rescue the officers and men of his uncle‘s move Thanksgiving salute to the countless people deeply touched.





















Maundy Thursday 濯足星期四(耶稣受难节)

Shrove Tuesday 忏悔节(四旬斋开始的前一天)

Ash Wednesday 复活节前的第七个星期三

Christmas 圣诞节(1225)

Easter 复活节

Whitsun, Whitsuntide 圣神降临周(复活节后的第七周,尤指前三天)

Quinquagesima 四旬斋前的星期日

Ramadan 斋月

Rogation Days 祈祷节(耶稣升天节的前三天)

Sabbath 安息日

Feast of the Sacred Heart 圣心节

Midsummer Day 施洗约翰节(624)



Trinity Sunday, Trinity 圣三主日(复活节后的第八个星期日)
Good Friday




The Dragon Boat Festival, the 5th day of the 5th lunar month, has had a history of more than 2,000 years. It is usually in June in the Gregorian calendar.

After his death, the people of Chu crowded to the bank of the river to pay their respects to him. The fishermen sailed their boats up and down the river to look for his body. People threw into the water zongzi (pyramid-shaped glutinous rice dumplings wrapped in reed or bamboo leaves) and eggs to divert possible fish or shrimp from attacking his body. An old doctor poured a jug of reaglar wine (Chinese liquor seasoned with realgar) into the water, hoping to turn all aquatic beasts drunk. That's why people later followed the customs such as dragon boat racing, eating zongzi and drinking realgar wine on that day.

Over the years, the story of Qu’s demise transformed into the traditions of racing dragon boats and eating zongzi – a kind of rice wrapped in bamboo leaves. The races have certainly captured the imagination of people from all over the world. Every spring there are nearly 60 dragon boat races held outside of China in cities from Vancouver to Sydney, from Gdańsk, Poland to Cape Town, South Africa. Canada alone has nearly 50 dragon boat teams and Germany has nearly 30.
In early times, it was only glutinous rice dumplings wrapped in reed or other plant leaves and tied with colored thread, but now the fillings are more diversified, including jujube and bean paste, fresh meat, and ham and egg yolk. If time permits, people will soak glutinous rice, wash reed leaves and wrap up zongzi themselves. Otherwise, they will go to shops to buy whatever stuff they want. The custom of eating zongzi is now popular in North and South Korea, Japan and Southeast Asian nations.
“Dragon boat racing is an indispensable part of the festival, held all over the country. As the gun is fired, people will see racers in dragon-shaped canoes pulling the oars harmoniously and hurriedly, accompanied by rapid drums, speeding toward their destination.
On Dragon Boat Festival, parents also need to dress their children up with a perfume pouch. They first sew little bags with colorful silk cloth, then fill the bags with perfumes or herbal medicines, and finally string them with silk threads. The perfume pouch will be hung around the neck or tied to the front of a garment as an ornament. They are said to be able to ward off evil.


Before Jesus births, Joseph and Mary came to Quirnius was governing Syria. So all went to be registered, everyone to his own city. Joseph also went up out of Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judea, to the city of David, which is called Bethlehem, because he was of the house and of the lineage of David, to be registered with Mary, his betrothed wife, who was with child. So it was that while they were there, the days were completed for her to bedelivered. And she brought forth her firstborn Son, and wrapped him in swaddling cloths, and laid him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn. And that, Christmas is the feast of the nativity of Jesus, is on 25th, December every year. But nobody know the actual birthday of Jesus. And the Christmas has become popular when Christmas cards appeared in 1846 and the concept of a jolly Santa Claus was first made popular in nineteenth Century.
On the twenty-fourth of December, all children are very excited. Usually they are sent to bed early so that their parents can get the presents ready. The younger children think that Father Christmas will come down the chimney or fireplace, so they hang up a sock for him to put presents in. The greedy ones even hang up a pillow-case or a sack to try to get more presents. Later that night, father or mother will put presents in the sock, and leave others at the side of the bed.


On Christmas morning, the children wake up very early. Some even turn on the light at two o’clock, and most of them are awake by six o’clock, and the young ones play while the dinner is prepared. At about one o’clock in the afternoon, the Christmas dinner is brought in. The turkey or chicken is quickly eaten. Children search in their Christmas pudding for new coins which are hidden in it. The rest of the day is full of games and eating until the happiest of all Christmas hollidays comes to an end.

To my dearest love on this joyous Christmas.
For this and many Christmas to come.
On this Christmas I have but one thing to say: I love you.
You’re the best Christmas present I ever received.
I only want you for Christmas!
I give all my love to you this Christmas.
Even though we are apart, you are in my heart this Christmas.
I want you stuffed in my stocking.
I want to be in your arms this Christmas.
My heart is my Christmas present to you.
You are the one for me this Christmas and for many Christmas to come.
I will be yours forever!
Let’s never spend our Christmas apart.


In 1582 France became the first country to switch from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar. This meant that the beginning of the year was moved from the end of March to January 1. If someone failed to keep up with the change and continued to celebrate the New Year between March 25th and April 1st, various jokes would be played on him. This story might explain why April 1st specifically became the date of the modern holiday.
Instant Color TV    即时彩色电视
image1962: In 1962 there was only one tv channel in Sweden, and it broadcast in black and white. The station's technical expert, Kjell Stensson, appeared on the news to announce that, thanks to a new technology, viewers could convert their existing sets to display color reception. All they had to do was pull a nylon stocking over their tv screen. Stensson proceeded to demonstrate the process. Thousands of people were taken in. Regular color broadcasts only commenced in Sweden on April 1, 1970.
Psychological test: If you and the coward race, you want to: 1 you run fast; as fast; you coward slower than… answer: you than beasts also a beast; you are beasts; beast than you! Happy April Fool's Day!
Notice: AprilFool's Day approaching, on April 1 you receive text messages are bogus, meaning exactly opposite, please pay attention. Following is the first: You are handsome styles Yushulinfeng beauty of the blossoming devil build lover!


There are a lot of the traditional Easter celebration, Easter egg is a symbol of the most typical. In ancient times the eggs are often seen as more children and grandchildren and a symbol of resurrection, because it breeds new life. Later, Christians also gives new meaning to the egg that it is a symbol of the tomb of Jesus, the life of the future is born from it and get rid of.
Easter eggs are often dyed red to represent the crucifixion of Jesus when the blood flow, but also a symbol of happiness after the resurrection. There is an ancient custom, the egg is cooked to the street children play. Their eggs from rolling down the hillside: Who broke the last egg, will win, all property of all of his eggs. White House to play this game every year, but is rolling eggs on the lawn only.
You Name It Eggs

These personalized eggs are perfect place cards for Easter dinner.

What to do: Rest an egg sideways on an egg holder and dip in dye bath of desired color, but hold the egg so the top third of the egg stays above the dye bath and remains white. Let dry completely. Pour a small amount of acrylic craft paint in desired color on a plastic plate or wax paper. Dip the non-brush end of a small paintbrush into the paint and dab on egg to create a dot. Paint dots around the white oval. When the paint dries, apply letter stickers to spell a name or just one sticker for an initial.



To mother on Mother’s Day: Thank you for all of the wonderful things that you have done for me.
Mom, thank you for being you.
You are the one that we love the most. Have a happy Mother’s Day.
Take good care of yourself. We all love you, mom.
There are little things that I should have said and done to show my gratitude, but it is appreciated what you do.
have done for me
thank you for being you

在美国,最早关于母亲节的记载是1872年,由莱利亚(Julia Ward HoweThe Battle Hymn Of The Republic的作者)所提出的。莱利亚提议将这一天献给和平并在波士顿等地举行母亲节的集会。
年费城的安娜(Ana Juruif)为了发起确认全国性的母亲节而活动,利亚说服了母亲所属的教会,在她母亲二周年忌日——五月的第二个星期天举办母亲节庆祝活动。隔年费城人也开始于同一天举行母亲节的庆祝活动。


Arbor Day is primarily an American holiday that encourages the planting and care of trees. Arbor Day occurs in the United States every year on the last Friday in April (April 28 in 2006), with the exception of Louisiana, which observes the holiday on the third Friday in January and Hawaii which observes the holiday on the first Friday in November. The customary observance is to plant a tree, but it is not a public holiday and is no longer widely observed in USA (except in Nebraska, where it is a public holiday); in other states, it has been displaced by the emphasis on Earth Day.
Similar holidays exist worldwide, some going by the same name, as in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, where it is spelled Arbour Day. In China, it also commemorates the passing of Dr Sun Yat-sen. The Japanese celebrate the similarly-themed Greenery Day.
Arbor Day was established by J Sterling Morton of Nebraska City, Nebraska in 1872. J Sterling Morton and his wife moved from Detroit, Michigan to the Nebraska Territory in 1854, where he was the editor of Nebraska's first newspaper. His influence as a journalist led to his involvement in politics, and he became a promoter of the settlement of Nebraska. The lack of trees, however, was an obstacle.


复活节和圣诞节一样,是外来的节日。 《圣经·新约全书》记载,耶稣被钉死在十字架上,第三天身体复活,复活节因此得名。按《圣经·马太福音》的说法,耶稣基督在十字架上受刑死后三天复活,因而设立此节。历史学家根据《圣经》和先进以色列人逾越节的日期,推算出在春分日(3月21日)之后月满后的第一个星期天就是《圣经》中讲到耶稣复活的日子。由于每年的春分日都不固定,所以每年的复活节的具体日期也是不确定的。但节期大致在3月22日至4月25日之间。






International Women's Day is the story of ordinary women as makers of history; it is rooted in the centuries-old struggle of women to participate in society on an equal footing with men. In ancient Greece, Lysistrata initiated a sexual strike against men in order to end war; during the French Revolution, Parisian women calling for "liberty, equality, fraternity" marched on Versailles to demand women's suffrage.


The idea of an International Women's Day first arose at the turn of the century, which in the industrialized world was a period of expansion and turbulence, booming population growth and radical  ideologies.




As soon as delivers you to tie the rose, flirts to expressone's ideas depends upon it. Delivers you a peach blossom, a change inone's fortune from bad to good depends entirely on it. Delivers you apallid to gather, hundred years good and count on it. After delivering you bowl of jellied bean curd to finish eating, laughed. March Eighth joyful.


1000 roses give you, wants you to love itself well; 1000 paper cranes give you, lets the worry be far away from you! 1000 ascendents give you, lets the good luck revolve you! The International Working Women's Day is joyful!

Is also the March Eighth, delivers you ten catties iron.Boils the pot nutrition soup, makes up the calcium the blood tonic.Puts a new years vacation again, the wages gives in the same old way.What question also has, looks for green jade prostitute.






















Veterans' Day
Ramadan (Muslim's Holy Month)
Thanksgiving Day
St Andrew's Day
World Aids Day
Saint Lucia's Day
New Year's Day

Hungry Ghost Festival(中元节)
Notting Hill Carnival



Labor Day(美国劳动节)
Mid-Autumn Festival
Accordion & Fiddle Festival
The Munich Oktoberfest
International Day of Peace
Columbus Day
White Cane Safety Day
The Double Ninth Festival
Sweetest Day
United Nations Day









May Day Long Holiday, Kept or Cancelled


Nowadays, many people go out for traveling on Labor's Day and National Day, which is the so-called golden week, and it is becoming more and more popular among us.



However, some of them think the golden week should be cancelled. In the first place, we can travel any time as we like, it is unnecessary to make the golden week. In the second place, in the golden week, there may have a lot of visitors and will be crowded. The last but not the least, the prices of commodities often rises in golden week.



In my opinion, the golden week should not be cancelled. Many people are busy on the job; the golden week is a good chance for them to relax. What’s more, the golden week is a good way to promote the development of economy. It is not only beneficial for us but also for our country.





51 international Labor Days call 51 sections, May 1 in every year.It is the whole world labor common festival of the people. The Chinese people celebrate the activity of the Labor Day and can trace back to to 1918.Is a year, etc. of some knowledge members of revolution at Shanghai, Suzhou ground sends forth to introduce toward crowd"51" of handbill.On May 1 in 1920, worker’s crowd of etc. of Peking, Shanghai, Guangzhou city goes into the street to hold the huge parade of threatening force and hold a meeting.After new China establish, our country in December of 1949 will"51" settle for the legal Labor Day.

五一国际劳动节简称五一节,在每年的51日。它是全世界劳动人民的共同节日。中国人民庆祝劳动节的活动可追溯至1918 年。是年,一些革命的知识分子在上海、苏州等地向群众散发介绍五一的传单。192051日,北京、上海、广州等城市的工人群众走上街头举行了声势浩大的游行、集会。新中国成立后,我国于1949 12月将五一定为法定的劳动节。





  A:The environmental problems of our earth are so severe, such as global warming, the damaged ozone, and all the different kinds of pollution.


  B:But fortunately people have realized all these problems and have taken measures to improve the earth's environment.


  A:It seems that the USA started to protect the environment in 1970. And the USA celebrates Earth Day on April 22nd.


  B:Isn't the World Earth Day also on this day?


  A:Yes. More and more countries are joining in protecting the environment, so World Earth Day was fixed for this day.


  节日英语之世界地球日 起源:

  The celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd began in the United States in 1970 and was the brainchild of Senator Gaylord Nelson, who had long pondered about finding a way to "put the environment into the political 'limelight' once and for all" . Earth Day is a perfect time to reflect about what you are doing to help protect the environment.



  2012年 珍惜地球资源,转变发展方式——推进找矿突破,保障科学发展

  2011年 珍惜地球资源 转变发展方式 倡导低碳生活

  2010年 低碳经济绿色发展

  2009年 绿色世纪(Green Generation)

  2008年 善待地球——从身边的小事做起

  2007年 善待地球--从节约资源做起

  2006年 善待地球--珍惜资源,持续发展

  2005年 善待地球--科学发展,构建和谐

  2004年 善待地球,科学发展

  2003年 善待地球,保护环境

  2002年 让地球充满生机



♥  I have searched a thousand years, and I have cried a thousand tears. I found everything I need, You are everything to me. Barry Fitzpatrick
♥  I just wish someday and somehow, we can be back together, Together we'll stay, always and forever.
♥  If you were a tear-drop; In my eye,
For fear of losing you, I would never cry
And if the golden sun, Should cease to shine its light,
Just one smile from you, would make my whole world bright

♥  How do I say I love you? How do I tell you I care? How do I tell you I’ve missed you, and let you know I’m here?

♥  For years I had been searching, for that perfect fantasy, But, I find it in my arms, right now, you are all to me.

♥ You are my life. You’re my one and only dream. I love you, and to you that i mean. Together for always, i hope we will be. I’ll love you always. Alison Cunningham
♥ Thank you for standing behind me In all that I do .I hope you're as happy with me As I am with you
感谢你永远支持我, 不论我作了些什么, 我希望你跟我在一起永远开心, 就像我跟你在一起时哪么地快乐。
♥  If I could save time in a bottle the first thing that I'd like to do  is to save every day until eternity passes away just to spend them with you
if I could make days last forever  if words could make wishes come true  I'd save every day like a treasure and then  again I would spend them with you.
如果我能把时间存入一个瓶子, 我要作的第一件事就是, 把每一天都存下来直到永恒, 再和你一起慢慢度过。如果我能把时间化作永恒, 如果我的愿望能一一成真, 我会把每天都像宝贝一样存起来, 再和你一起慢慢度过。
Together for always:永远在一起
I'd like to do:想做某事
Spend:及物动词 vt. 1. 花(钱),花费[(+on/for)   2. 花(时间、精力)[(+on)][O4]   3. 度过;用尽
情人节英语攻略   中国节日英语说法



  Send yourself roses.

  Order the set a couple weeks before Valentine’s Day. Sign the card "From A Special Admirer." and send it for you to get on Valentine’s Day. Even if you remember it’s you who really sent it to yourself, it will still make your day.



  Don’t feel sorry for yourself.

  This will just make the day depressing and dreaded. Instead, be excited for this day. After all, it only comes once a year! And it’s still a holiday!



  See a film

  The main reason this makes a good Valentine's Day movie for singles is that it's mad long, which means if you pop it in, you can pretty much kill all of Valentine's Day night without having to put in another film. Plus, if you're in a bad mood, you can revel in the fact Rose's boyfriend dies. If you're in a good mood, you can revel in the fact they're reunited in the end. Of course, "the end" here is death, but, whatever.


  当然,“节日英语之情人节”罗列的单生男女过节攻略仅作为参考, 希望每位读者在下一情人节到来之时都有自己过节的方法。更重要的是希望各位能通过本文的学习,掌握更多节日英语中有关情人节的词汇。


Lantern Festival falls on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. This is the first full moon of the new year, symbolizing unity and perfection. Lantern Festival is an important part of Spring Festival , and marks the official end of the long holiday。

According to legend, during the time of Emperor Han Wudi of the Han Dynasty , a palace woman named Yuanxiao was prevented from carrying out her filial duty of visiting her parents on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. Distraught, she said she would kill herself by jumping into a well. In order to help Yuanxiao fulfill her duty as a filial daughter, the scholar Dongfang Shuo came up with a scheme. He told Emperor Han Wudi that the Jade Emperor, the highest god in Heaven, had ordered the Fire God to burn down the capital city of Chang'an on the sixteenth day of the first lunar month. Anxious to find a way to save his city, the emperor asked Dongfang Shuo what he should do. Dongfang Shuo replied that the Fire God loved red lanterns more than anything. He advised that the streets be hung with red lanterns, and the emperor, empress, concubines, and court officials come out of the palace to see them. In this way, the Fire God would be distracted and disaster averted. The emperor followed Dongfang Shuo's advice, and while everyone was out viewing the lanterns, Yuanxiao was able to sneak out of the palace and be reunited with her parents。

Under the direction of the cow, Niu Lang went to the riverside on an evening, where the seven fairies slipped out of their heavenly palace to bathe.

He took one of the beautiful silk dresses the fairies had left on the bank. When the fairies left the water, the youngest couldn''t find her clothes and had to see her sisters fly back to heaven without her.

Then Niu Lang came out with the dress and asked the youngest fairy, Zhi Nu, to stay with him.

Several years passed on Earth, which were only a few days in heaven. Niu Lang and Zhi Nu lived happily together and had two children before the Queen of Heaven discovered Zhi Nu''s absence.

She was so annoyed she had Zhi Nu brought back to heaven. Seeing his beloved wife flying in the sky, Niu Lang was terrified. He caught sight of the cowhide hanging on a wall. The magical cow had told him before dying of old age: "Keep the cowhide(牛皮) for emergency use."
Putting the cowhide on, he went after his wife with his two children.

With the help of the cowhide, Niu Lang was able to follow Zhi Nu into heaven. He was about to reach his wife when the Queen showed up and pulled off her hairpin to draw a line between the two. The line became the Silver River in heaven, or the Milky Way.

Zhi Nu went back to the heavenly workshop, going on weaving the clouds. But she was so sad, and missed her husband across the Silver River so much that the clouds she weaved seemed sad. Finally, the Queen showed a little mercy, allowing the couple to meet once every year on the Silver River.


The story about the lady takes place around 2170 B.C. At that time, the earth had ten suns circling it, each taking its turn to illuminate to the earth. But one day all ten suns appeared together, scorching the earth with their heat. The earth was saved by a strong and tyrannical archer named Hou Yi. He succeeded in shooting down nine of the suns. One day, Hou Yi stole the elixir of life from a goddess. However, his beautiful wife Chang E drank the elixir of life in order to save the people from her husband's tyrannical rule. After drinking it, she found herself floating and flew all they way to the moon. Hou Yi loved his divinely beautiful wife so much, he refused to shoot down the moon.


People believed that the lady was a god who lived in the moon that made the moon shine. Girls who wanted to be a beauty and have a handsome husband should worship the moon. And on this magical occasion, children who make wishes to the Lady on the Moon will find their dreams come true.