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 By attending business meetings, participants get a chance to learn new information and interact with peers and leaders in their field.


Create a great agenda.


The agenda should be focused on a single theme and not overwhelm (=be too much for) attendees.


Be sensitive to the calendar and clock.


Despite the best agenda, event attendees have preferences as to when they want to attend such programs and when they cannot.

  • Attendees prefer morning schedules for seminars.
  • Attendees prefer appreciation events immediately after work.
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays are popular meeting days.
  • Avoid holding meetings on Fridays if possible.
  • Avoid scheduling meetings on holidays and the eve of holidays.
  • Be sensitive to attendee travel requirements for the event.


Start on time and finish on time!


Identify a unique and convenient location.


Select a venue (=location for the meeting) that is easy to get to, and where attendees will enjoy themselves.


Compile an appropriate guest list.


Successful meetings have a specific topic and target audience for that message.  Don’t open the meeting to the masses – invite those who will benefit from and enjoy the event.


Invite, invite, invite.

One of the keys to achieving attendance to your meeting is by inviting people early, and continue reminding them about the event even if they have confirmed attendance.  Call every guest on the phone to extend a personal invitation.


Establish a reputation for delivering excellent programs.

Everyone has attended good conferences and bad conferences, and the same holds true for seminars and other appreciation events. If people like the last even they attended, they’re more likely to attend the next.


Send follow up communications and thank attendees.

Because people attend meetings to gather new information, many attendees appreciate receiving additional handouts and materials that may have been referenced by presenters and other folks within your organization. It is an excellent opportunity to share that information with follow thank you messages to those who attended the event. 

Golf - With about 27 million golfers in the U.S. alone, golf outings are among the most popular corporate events each year. You can have your own golf outing, or take in a PGA Tour.


Concerts and Performing Arts - In many cities around the world there's an outdoor concert series "in the park" with high quality pop, folk, blues, jazz, opera, orchestra and world music. They include seating, private tents, and options for private catered dining.


Cruises and Sailing -  If you are located near water - an ocean, lake or river - chartering a private yacht or boat during the day or evening offers incredible relaxation and views. Hire a captain with a great personality, and a docent (=teacher, lecturer) to serve as guide and storyteller


Motor Speedway - NASCAR is known for having the most loyal fans. Motor speedways offer private entertainment for business events that includes suites, meeting facilities and catering options that really enhance the track experience.


In addition to taking your group to the most popular events and venues in town, there are countless other options to consider for planning a unique event, such as a private reception with exotic dining, music, and dance performances as a signature event at any of the following:

  • Restaurant patio
  • Art gallery and garden
  • Museum or zoo
  • Horse barn
  • Winery
  • Botanic garden


Or, consider taking your group for a day to one of these planned group events:

  • Team building retreat in the woods
  • Fishing retreat
  • Horseback riding
  • Walking city tours
  • Hiking and biking
  • Off-road and jeep tour


What other ideas can you think of for corporate events? Which of these do you think are the most appropriate and/or innovative?