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 1. Know the customer or decision maker for your product. For example, if you are a developer of Hawaiian time share condominiums, it would probably be better to avoid soliciting people that already live in Hawaii.


2. Every direct communication should include an offer or incentive for the customer to buy your product/service, such as a discount or a free gift.


3. Be clear.  What is your product? What are its benefits? Why does your audience need it? Where does the reader sign up, and by when? If your readers are confused, they will not buy.  Use short sentences, bullet points, and headlines.


4. Using different type styles such as bold, underline and ALL CAPITAL letters can be used to draw your reader's eye to key messages. Consider highlighting your offer, call to action, and response date.


5. Call to Action. The bottom line with any direct mail piece is to get your reader to take action. Tell them what you want them to do, and don’t be shy about repeating it.


6. Multi-Wave Mailings. Send various emails approximately 1-4 weeks apart to make people see and comprehend them.


7. Creating Tracking Measures. Use promotion codes and/or coupons can help you determine to what extent your efforts were successful. Ask your customer to mention the coupon or read a promotion code when they take advantage of your offer.


10. When setting a budget, consider the following types of expenses: Mailing list, paper, printing, postage, (void if you’re using email, of course) cost of the offer, lettershop expenses such as merge/purge and mail sort, and any advertising agency or graphic artist fees.


11. The financial success for a campaign can be measured in many ways. Cost per new accounts (CPA) and return on investment (ROI) are two examples. To calculate a CPA, take your total program expenses and divide by the number of new accounts acquired. A simple ROI equation takes the total program expense minus the additional money generated as a direct result of the campaign.


Does your company ever use direct mail campaigns?  Do you think they’re an effective way of advertising?