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Da MYamaguchi400 il 18/08/2015 09:36:19
Hi, all

Im from Japan and studying English for my job.

Im looking for friends abroad. Could you talk on skype for improvement of English skill?

Da smokhtarzade il 19/08/2015 03:28:13
RE: Hi, all
hi yes of course
Da VVieira542 il 23/08/2015 20:21:27
RE: RE: Hi, all
Hello all. My name is Vitor, I m from Brazil and started in English the little time ago. who wants add in Skype is only call me in a private conversation.
Da VVieira542 il 23/08/2015 20:23:03
RE: Hi, all
Do you are in what level?
Da MMondi3 il 24/08/2015 06:16:35
RE: Hi, all
with pleasure, this is my Skype name: mondim79 waiting u :)
Da jperezpinto3 il 24/08/2015 23:41:35
RE: Hi, all
hello this is my skype name "Josue A. perez " please search me. i am from Mexican.
Da rsouza2429 il 28/08/2015 15:41:52
RE: Hi, all
Hi My skype address is rs_consultoria1
Da MFeldmann21 il 30/08/2015 08:21:42
RE: Hi, all
Hi, my Name is Michael and i am from Germany. I am here to improve my english skills. at the Moment i am looking for people who want to talk in english. so if somebody here, who wants to practice speaking englisch he can add me on englishtown as friend or by skype (micha89f)
Da oLopesdeSouza1 il 03/09/2015 06:09:05
RE: Hi, all
Yes of course!! I would like to say that this is very important for we. So if posssible we can to talk more time in chat.
Da sali3684 il 10/12/2015 08:48:29
RE: RE: Hi, all
I am from Pakistan my Skype id sajid-ali7842
Da acardoso674 il 21/12/2015 23:32:50
RE: Hi, all
my skype is: sempacienciaparaskype
Da ljuanc24 il 26/12/2015 23:26:38
RE: Hi, all
Hello I'm Michael Lo from EF in China. My skype ID is Michaelrogift Kindly please add me on your contact list. Thanks! H***e a nice day!
Da ljuanc24 il 26/12/2015 23:32:03
RE: RE: Hi, all
Hello Michael I h***e added you on my contact lists. Kindly please upon receipt. Thank you! My Skype ID : michaelrogift H***e a nice day!
Da IConte18 il 21/06/2016 15:32:31
RE: Hi, all
igorconte. (skype) I'm from Brazil!
Da ACastro3150 il 24/07/2016 09:49:36
RE: Hi, all
Hi, i'm from Brazil. Add me in skype: castrodeia . Tks a lot and see you there.